February 2020 Meeting Minutes

RESEARCH: Myke went to England and San Diego. He mentioned Elland Brewery and their 1874 Porter. He also visited White Labs and had beers on tap that were two of each style, brewed with different yeasts. Double Groove’s ESB was mentioned. Ministry of Brewing is open; it’s cold in there but the beers are good. Art and Claire went to the Adroit Beer Festival and had a great time. South County was mentioned again as being very good. Watchtower location is almost secured, in an old church in Aberdeen; George is estimating 9-12 months until opening.

One of the founding members of the club, Bernie, came to the meeting and sold a lot of his brewing equipment.

Meeting started at 7:28PM.


1) The Barrel Project is still looking for collaborators to brew an Oude Bruin. Check our messages on Slack

2) Please see Marc to pay your DUES!!

3) Please bring your tasting glasses to the meetings…and use them 🙂

4) Guild Meeting Minutes are on Slack. George Bach went for our chapter. Some things he highlighted or noted: National Homebrew Competition applications have been going on since January. Check out BURP for their many competitions, including The Spirit of Free Beer coming up in April.

5) Our last month (Kolsch) was very good! Hopefully the trend will continue. Don’t forget the March task is Irish Stout and May is coming up fast with a Saison.


1) The club got water pitchers!

2) We are planning a social at Double Groove (btw, we had this on 2/26). We are also trying to come up with a date for a social at Independent’s Funk House.

3) We should all be members of AHA.

4) We auctioned off 3 bottles of Schrödinger’s Cup, our RIS from the Barrel Project. The lucky winners were Mike, George and Matt.


We currently have 24 members and $1,085.34.


Marc presented the Plaato kegs and air locks.

BEERS: we had an assortment of beers.

1) Commercials: Myke brought FrankenStout, which is brewed using 96 strains of yeast! Claire and Art brought Tropical Whip by Levante; Steve S. brought Frangelic Mountain Brown from Founders. Ben brought Purple Haze and Lagunitas Red Ale. Ryan brought: Red Flag, Cookies N Cream Milk Stout, Blackbeards Breakfast Porter from Heavy Seas.

2) Homebrews: Marc brought his Saison, Steve J. brought a Biere de Garde, Gregg a Tripel, Andy brought an American Amber and a Winter Warmer; George brought his Pat’s Choice Saison, Kelly a Brown Kolsch; Ken brought his Ye Olde Spruce Old Ale, Matt brought a porter barrel aged in an Old Line Whiskey barrel.

Meeting ended at 9:45PM. Many thanks to Art Hannon, who actually took these notes on my behalf 🙂 Cheers!