September 2019 Meeting Minutes

Old Business

  • Art & Claire, Marc and Mike participated in the Maryland State Fair beer competition. Full list of results can be found here.
  • MaGerks craft beer festival is on 9/21.
  • Alecraft homebrew competition will take place on 10/5. Details can be found here.
  • The Friendship Festival will take place on 9/28. Details are here. Our club will have a tent and we will serve our own beers all day long.
  • Honeygo Liquor will have their Beerfest 2019 on 10/5. More details here.
  • Tasting glasses were discussed again.
  • The Christmas beer will be again brewed at George H. place, on 10/13 (Sunday). We have decided to do a gingerbread porter or a brown. More details to follow.
  • The guild September 2019 meeting minutes can be found here.

New Business

  • Discussions about the September 2020 style ended up with us picking up a family of yeast to brew with. Kveik yeast was the selection.
  • Learn to Homebrew day is coming up (11/2). More details can be found here.
  • The Hop2Grapes festival is on Oct 19th. Details here.


  • We had $912 in our checking account at the end of August and the total number of club members was 27.

Tech Corner

  • Gregg discussed plate chillers (and all other types). Very informative.


Style of the Month