October 2019 Meeting Minutes

The October meeting took place Monday October 7th at Alecraft Brewery. Thank you Eryn and Brad for allowing us to meet at your brewery.

Old Business

  • The Friendship Festival was a success, there were around 2800 folks attending.
  • The Alecraft competition took place on October 5th, Marc / Mike won Best in Show. We had a good participation with Colin, Kelly, Ken and Gregg also entering beers.
  • The tasting glasses were discussed again and Ken will make some calls to inquire about text positioning. Next step would be ordering them.
  • The Christmas beer brew will take place on October 13th, at George H. house starting at 9AM.
  • The barrel project is still ongoing, for more details check out the slack channel dedicated to it. We need someone to do another batch to use for top off.
  • The club Christmas party is scheduled for Friday December 6th at 7PM at the Red Barn.
  • Alecraft has a homebrewing session scheduled for November 2nd, inquire with Eryn/Brad for additional details.
  • Last month club social was at De Kleine Duivel and was excellent, great beers and great company.
  • The next Guild meeting is on November 11th, the details about the Guild Party (Dec 7th) will follow afterwards.

New Business

  • The style for October 2020 will be fruit/vegetable beer.
  • The next meeting is on November 13th.
  • Friendship Liquor will have Hugh Sisson presenting some Heavy Seas beers, Ken was not sure if it will be 10/11 or 10/18.
  • Vagabond Sandwich will have its Sandwich Stock 19 festival this Saturday October 12th starting at 11AM.

Treasury Report

  • at the end of September we had $553.54 in the checking account and $108 in cash, for a total of $661.54.
  • 2 new members joined (Ryan and Ben), so we’re up to 29 members now.

Tech Report

  • Gregg presented several types of airlocks and discussed different methods of preventing sucking during cold crush.
  • An ingenius silicone airlock was presented, Alecraft has it available for sale for around $3-$5.
  • Marc spoke about the Plaato bubbler and its features.
  • Chris presented the Sspunding valve and discussed its benefits.

Style of the Month

  • The style for this month was SMASH beer.
  • Ken brought a commercial example, Ballast Point Lager. We also tried his homebrewed SMASH beer, Barrel Smashed Blonde.
  • Kelly shared his SMASH IT homebrewed beer.
  • George H. shared the Vienna SMASH he had for the Friendship festival.
  • Chris B. brought 4 beer for us to try, a Smashed Barleywine at 11.2%, Pliny DIPA clone at 9%, a Pale Dopplebock at 8.4% and a Witbier made by his brother at 4.8%.
  • Gregg shared his Kolsch beer.
  • Marc brought his Pilsner beer.
  • Linda and Adi brought their Mad Moxxy spicy amber ale made in collaboration with Claire and Art for the Friendship Festival.
  • George B. shared a NE DIPA homebrewed beer.
  • Chris G. brought back a commercial DIPA, Lush.