November 2019 Meeting Minutes

Old Business

  • The barrel project is going strong. For additional details, please check our slack channel dedicated to this.
  • The Christmas beer was bottled on Nov 17th at George H’s house. Thank you to all who attended and helped with this.
  • Christmas party was held on Dec 6th at the Red Barn.
  • The Guild party was on Dec 7th at Heavy Seas.

New Business

  • Iron Hill will host a brew competition, the winner will get to brew his/her own beer with them and serve it on tap at Iron Hill. Details can be found here.
  • The style for January meeting (1/8) will be Kolsch.


  • At the end of October we had $496.38 in the bank and $138 cash.
  • The club has 29 members.

Board Members Election

  • Our president Kelly and our treasurer Gregg decided not to run again. Elections were held and the new board members are Ken (President), Adi (VP), Marc (treasurer) and Linda (secretary). Thank you Kelly and Gregg for all that you have done and congratulations to the new board members!

Style of the Month

  • The style for this month was Ciders / Meads and Wine.
  • Gregg brought a 45-50 year old greek wine to share with the club. You cannot make this stuff up, wine was great. Gregg also brought a homemade cider with wild yeast from Millstone.
  • Chris shared his cider (9.5% ABV) and a Limoncello (30%) (recipe here).
  • Linda and Adi brought their Blueberry Cider
  • Kelly shared a mead with the club members. It came in two flavors: rhubarb and pomegranate.
  • Colin brought a Peach Mead.
  • Dave brought a Helles Bock (6-8%).
  • Ken brought Dubbel the Trouble Whiskey Barrel Aged and as commercial examples: Winter Blend and Retire by the Fire.
  • Marc brought some commercial examples: Melissa’s Garden and Necro.
  • Tim also brought a commercial example: Retire by the Fire (Barrel Aged)