July 2019 Meeting Minutes

Opening Remarks

  • June meeting was held at Inverness, a decent number of people showed up, good beer, good company.
  • Marc and Mike went to the RI homebrew con, lots of interesting things one of them was a no hop beer variant.
  • We need to get a club banner for the Friendship festival.
  • Last guild meeting notes can be found here.
  • We should start thinking about the Christmas beer style and details on where/when to brew it.
  • Alecraft is hosting another homebrew competition on October 5th. Details can be found here.
  • We discussed picking a new name/logo for the club as we’re trying to keep up with the times and the old ones are just too long/hard to remember.
  • Ken pitched the idea of having a club tasting glass that can be given at joining (it will also be provided for existing members).

Treasury Report

  • We have $958.13 in checking plus whatever we made tonight from the auction.

Other business

  • Next July style is kettle sour
  • George/Adi spoke with Eryn from Alecraft in regard to hosting one of the upcoming club meetings/socials at Alecraft.


  • Linda/Adi/Ken/Laurie went to BC Brewing. Self pours, hefe was not good that day.
  • Ken went to Jolly Pumpkin and Shorts Brewing while visiting Michigan.
  • George B. went to Ashville, a lot of good breweries and good beers were mentioned.
  • George B. also suggested that Art should go to Jagged Mountain Brewery while he’s in Denver.

Monthly Style