February 2019 Meeting Minutes

Opening remarks

  • The meeting opened with a vote for selecting the style of beer for January 2020 meeting. Kolsch was elected.
  • Kelly announced the upcoming BJCP class which will start on March 3rd and will be held in a condensed form (7 weeks).
  • 2 new members joined the club. Welcome Joe and Colin!
  • Jim retired but luckily for us, Drew agreed to help us keep the meeting place at the Red Barn as he resides in the area.


Alecraft will be hosting a beer competition on March 3/10. Judging will take place March 10th starting at 2:30pm at the Homebrew Shop. Winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd place) of each style will receive giftcards to the Brewery or Supply and 1st place will get to brew on their system with them and releasing the beer in their taproom!

Treasury report

We had 19 paying members at the end of January 2019.


  • Chris brought and shared with the club some of his homemade seltzers. He talked about shrubs and how to make them from basic ingredients like fruit, vinegar and sugar. The type of vinegar can vary depending on the type of fruit. We tried a blue/black raspberry shrub seltzer and a ginger beer with lime.
  • Gregg brought his Wee Heavy Sour beer from 2014 clocking at 13% ABV.
  • Chris brought his Hot Pepper Ale from 2015 with 6.8% ABV.
  • Linda and Adi shared their FarmView Pale Ale beer with 7% ABV. A clone of Stone 7th Anniversary Ale, this pale has a roasty, malty aroma and dark amber hue. They balanced the caramel malts with a dry, bitter, hoppy finish.
  • Dave shared his first homemade beer with us, a Rye IPA with an ABV of 7.4%.
  • Joe K also brought an IPA, Dead Ringer, 7% ABV made with Centennial hops and using S-05 yeast.
  • George H shared his saison beer (6% ABV) named Change. It’s a slightly maltier and sweeter version of his flagship Pat’s Choice Saison. Notes of orange and coriander.
  • Claire and Art brought their first Grainfather made beer: Earl Gray Wit, clocking at 5.3% ABV and made with Belgian malts.
  • Steve J shared a Chocolate Milk stout coming in at 5.1% ABV.
  • Colin had his Coconut Porter.
  • Andy brought a Kolsch.
  • Marc shared a 5.3% Belgian Pale Ale.
  • Ken had his Something’s Gone … A Rye?, a NEIPA brewed with huge amounts of rye, wheat and oats. Pineapple and black pepper abound!