August 2019 Meeting Minutes

Opening Remarks

  • Maryland State Fair will take place between August 22nd and September 2nd. There will be a brewing competition.
  • MaGerks Bel Air will host the 5th Craft Beer Festival on September 21st.
  • Alecraft Brewery was voted as the best brewery in Maryland by Zymurgy.
  • Ken is working on a banner for the club.
  • Friendship Liqueur Annual Beer Festival is on September 28th. We will be serving our own club made beer. If you would like to participate, talk to our VP, Ken.
  • The purchase of a jockey box was approved by popular vote.
  • Ken will order a few business cards to have for the Friendship festival.
  • The club sampler glasses initiative was discussed.
  • The next guild meeting will be on September 9th at 6:30PM

New Business

  • Kelly will be in Pittsburg starting with August 26th and will miss some of the upcoming meetings.
  • George B. and Adi suggested that one of our upcoming meetings can be held at Alecraft.
  • Marc mentioned the iDip water test kit.

Treasury Report

  • At the end of July, the club had $827.13 in the checking account, $94 in cash and the $44 from the July beer auction.

Monthly Style

  • August was an open style month.
  • George B brought his Chipotle Stout, a good way to end the evening.
  • Gregg shared a Belgian Wit, coming in at 5.3%.
  • Linda and Adi brought their Dark Gose, Odile.
  • Claire and Art shared their Earl Gray Wit, Lady Puppington V2 and Lady Puppington V3
  • Colin had his Strawberry Wit.
  • Andy shared his Honey Wit and a Pale Ale.
  • Dave H. brought a Lemon Shandy clocking in at 5%.
  • Ken shared his Border Crisis TarraWit’s and Heidenroslein.
  • Marc brought a Hazy IPA.
  • Chris G. and Kyle W. stopped by to check the club and shared their Stout, coming in at 4.2%.