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Libation Association

*** An AHA Registered Homebrew Club ***

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Thank you for your interest in Homebrewing and Wine making.    They are among some of the fastest growing hobbies in America today.

The name of our club is the Libation Association of Northern Maryland.    Our club was established in 1992 and has been growing ever since.    We currently hold meetings in the Bel Air, Maryland area once a month.    At these meetings prospective members are always invited to attend as our guest.    This gives you chance to meet some of us and see what goes on at a meeting.

At the meetings we usually bring along some of our homebrew to drink and share with our fellow members.    This offers a unique opportunity to try many different styles of beer without having to make them.    If you are currently brewing or making wine then bring some along with you.    This will let you get some free advise on what is right, wrong or missing with your homebrew.

The club provides you with a monthly newsletter that contains a great variety of information.    This is one good way to keep up with coming events, classes being offered in the area, recipes, tips and other items of interest to homebrewers and winemakers such as yourself.

At times we also offer guest speakers on topics of interest to both Homebrewers and Wine Makers.    Hey if you have a particular area of expertise maybe you can be a speaker at one of our meetings!

The LIBATION ASSOCIATION of Northern Maryland offers:

DISCOUNTS on brewing supplies
FRIENDLY COMPETITION for your homebrew and wine
ANALYSIS and ADVICE on your homebrew and wines and how to improve them
ACCESS to the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) information, competitions and events
An OPPORTUNITY to enjoy talking with others who also share the same interest as yourself
An OPPORTUNITY to learn about the various styles of beer and wine and gain a better understanding of what the differences are


  1. To enjoy and promote the hobby of homebrewing and wine making.
  2. To engage in enjoyable social activities focused on homebrewing as a common foundation.
  3. To provide a forum for learning more about beer and wine, beer and wine tasting, brewing techniques and judging based on sharing knowledge and experiences.
  4. To promote the responsible use of alcoholic beverages.

Come as a guest to our next meeting and then decide if we are what you have been looking for in a club!

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